Op Facebook zijn tal van groepen te vinden die over Tribale Kunst en aanverwante zaken gaan. Je komt in de groep door de link aan te klikken. Sommige van de groepen zijn gesloten  en andere openbaar. Bij de gesloten groepen moet je eerst een verzoek tot lidmaatschap doen alvorens je kunt kijken wat er allemaal in slaat. Je kunt een groep altijd weer op elk moment verlaten. Mocht je zelf interessante groepen voor onze website tegenkomen meld ze dan svp aan via het contactformulier.

Met enkel een e-mailadres en een naam maakt u hier al een “meekijk account”. Het geeft u toegang tot een aantal zeer informatieve Facebookpagina’s over tribale kunst.

Vereniging Tribale Kunst en Cultuur
Dit is de facebook pagina van onze vereniging. U hoeft geen lid te zijn om ons te volgen. U vindt naast een selectie aan posts over Tribale Kunst alle mededelingen over onze vereniging van huisbezoeken en ledenvergaderingen tot de publicatie van ons blad en van onze nieuwsbrief.
Wereldkunst & Wereldcultuur Deze Facebookgroep is voortgekomen uit de Vereniging Tribal Kunst en Cultuur maar nu  een onafhankelijke groep voor liefhebbers van Wereldkunst, Tribal Art, etnografica, primitieve kunst en Wereldcultuur in brede zin. Goede pagina om foto’s te posten en vragen te stellen. Voertaal Nederlands.
Great or Fake? Discovering African Art Een zeer gemêleerde groep van deskundigen, beginnende en gevorderde verzamlaars. Wil je iets weten over de herkomst of de status van een object, dan kun je hier goed terecht. Voertaal Engels.
Collecting Southeast Asia Art, antiques and vintage This group is for people who are interested in art, antiques and vintage from Southeast Asia. You can share photos from your collection, ask questions, share links to websites with related content or just simply discuss things related to the topic.
Congo Art LoversTribal art from Congo is one of the refined and powerful of Africa. This group is dedicated to collectors of great ancient Congo art from Bembe, Kongo, Lega, Luba, Teke, … and other groups. People are invited to share and discuss about objects but only authentic ones. Congo lovers, you are welcome !
Authentic Tribal Art This is a group only for authentic Tribal Art. Everybody is welcome to join this group. You are also allowed to post your items for any purpose. For discussing, selling, etc.
You can post items from every tribal culture.
The only rule is that no copies/fakes are allowed. Old items that are made for missionaries are also welcome. So there will be a ‘vetting’ .This ‘vetting’ is only for determination of authenticity, not for quality or age.
Tribal art for sale direct from collectors This group was created for the discussion and sale of tribal art… from any tribal group of the world… advertising and sharing tribal art related exhibitions, museum collections, items for sale, share from any site.
Advertise any of your own pieces that are for sale or from collections, museums as long as the post is sharable.
Etnische Juwelen Tuareg en BerberAmongst our collection we have vintage bracelets and fibulae (tabzimt in Arabic) from Kabylie in northern Algeria, genuine amber and coral necklaces, Tuareg jewellery and an array of beautiful Berber adornment from the south of Morocco. And I make the group Facebook to share with you our beautiful jewels and also share with your friends In addition, we have a stunning range of Tuareg locks, hand-painted chests and vintage textiles.
Cisse beads Welcome to Cisse beads. We are dealers of African trade beads and jewellery. My family has been selling beads and jewellery for more than 100 years in Mali West Africa, and throughout the world.
Vintage  weaving african art A group what wanna bring people together wich are interested in …african woven art, so everybody is free to post pictures what you have, looking for or wanna sell,, or a forum for discussion,, all info and questions are welcome here !!
Collecting Islamic and Gandhara Ceramics and Works of Art This group is a great opportunity for every passionates, collect…ors, specialists, experts, dealers and any other category, to share his interest and knowledge and informations for Islamic, Asia minor, Asian south-west, Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Asian nomadic and Gandhara works of art. A great moment of discussion in a friendly ambient where anyone can post his own pieces and doubts. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
Central Asian Rugs and Textiles The purpose of this group is to explore the textile and weaving art-traditions of Central Asia as practiced by the diverse groups of the region, including the Turkmen, Uzbeks, Kirghiz and others. We should welcome informative posts by our members with relevant photographs, interesting links and information pertaining to the subject.
Shahsavan Weavings Group This is a discussion group for anyone interested in the weavings… attributed to the “Shahsavan” of north west persia. What should be attributed to the Shahsavan and what should not be may be a key subject for debate. You may participate with comments, questions, images, links, etc.
Wayang Golek Holland Groep voor liefhebbers van wayang golek dit is geen verkoop groep maar in overleg met beheerder is het  wel mogelijk om een pop te verkopen.
Collecting Oceanic ArtYou can post here anything regarding Oceanic Art
Etnic Jewels GaleryAn open community for jewels and handicrafts lovers. As well a place for sharing information, getting suggestion and ideas, discussions, buy & sell.
Masks and Masquerades in AfricaDedicated to posting images of authentic masks and masquerades from the African continent only, for the purpose of furthering of the collective knowledge of collectors. I also wanted to create a group with a specific focus on masks and masquerade, so please post only masks and masquerade related objects.
Tribal Twins – Yoruba and Ewe Twin FiguresGroup of West African twin figures lovers and collectors – Groupe de discussion et de partage pour les passionnés et collectionneurs de figures de jumeaux d’Afrique de l’Ouest
Primal Money, Wealth & Adornment – AFRICAThe earliest forms of currency, while facilitating trade and signifying differing levels of wealth, were often beautiful objects of adornment. For years their primal designs have inspired artists and today some are considered as art in their own right. This blog is for those of you who love these ethnographic objects and relish the sense of wonder that they evoke. Go ahead, share your favourites and ask questions to fill in what you don’t know. Someone out there will be delighted to help. Enjoy.

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